Sunday, April 26, 2009

What does a Kumquat taste like?

Found a nice dessert i want to try and make but it says to use a kumquat and i've never had one so what do they taste like? Its got to be cooked in fruit juce and water untill soft..

What does a Kumquat taste like?
very much like orange but you eat the skin aswell , make sure you buy them ready to eat now not rippen at home coz they can be very tart
Reply:Kumquats have a citrus flavor- but like one of your other answerers said, make sure they are ripe and ready to eat because they are really sour when not ripe. For ripeness, ask your grocer- I wouldn't want to steer you wrong.
Reply:To me it's like a backwards orange. You eat the skin and the fruit but I always find the skin is sweeter and the inside is sour/bitter whereas a normal orange is the other way arround. Kumquats are yummy! xXx
Reply:A kumquat tastes slightly more sour and bitter than an orange or tangerine. You eat the whole thing, skin and all. They're nice when cooked in fruit juice like you mentioned, but when they're fresh they're fun to eat right out of hand.
Reply:Well, let's put it this way: it doesn't taste like QUAT!
Reply:I do not like the taste.
Reply:Fantastic taste in liqueur you buy it at Corfu(Greece).

Very nice on ice cream, pancakes or just straight or with ice or in orange juice.
Reply:Slightly bitter orange
Reply:a kumquat!!
Reply:unless you eat them ripe they taste like a bitter orange.
Reply:It's like the child of a sour orange and a peach if you see what I mean.
Reply:like orange i think!
Reply:it`s like a small orange, the taste is very tarty
Reply:citrus taste, and very bitter. i think if you cook it in fruit juice, the bitterness will be more mild.

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